2. About J.A.M.
  3. Corporate Philosophy

About JAM


Corporate Philosophy

Create highly valuable and globally competitive corporation for
business partners, stockholders, employees and the society.


  • Become the best partner for customers through “manufacturing craftsmanship” and “value creation” beyond expectations.
  • Double the speed and halve the cost.

Values (Code of Conduct)

Customer focus

We shall strive to fully understand our customers’ expectations and work to quickly and accurately meet their needs. Customer satisfaction being a high priority in our partnerships.


New ideas are what make improvements in the world. We shall learn and engage in these new developments and embrace the necessary changes that need to be made for a better future.


We shall be dedicated to the result.


We shall communicate accurately and thoroughly to act as a high performing team.


We shall treat all with respect and apply high ethical standards.

Corporate Colors

Corporate Symbol

The corporate symbol represents the attitude which
would realize our corporate vision, “to create a valuable and
globally competitive corporation for partners, employees,
stockholders and society” by working hard with passion and
curiosity, and by handling business partners with integrity
and establishing a relationship of mutual