2. J.A.M. Selections

J.A.M. Selections

J.A.M. Selections


NKS/NKW Connector (2.0mm Pitch)

●Further miniaturized design of high performance connector for Automobile industry.
●Demonstrates high performance of Vibration resistance, Impact resistance and High temperature resistance, required for in-vehicle devices.
●The solder peg assembled in wafer connector greatly enhances the peel strength of the printed circuit board.
●Side retainer concept prevents incomplete insertion of contacts into the housing and significantly enhances the wire tensile strength.
●Ensuring light operability with soft inner lock concept.

NKS Connector (2.0mm Pitch)
*The image is KNS(Single)

Semi Automatic Seal Insertion and Crimping Machine


Simultaneous process for 2-core cable

●Min. sheath removal length TSSC02:50mm  (included wire tip cut)
●Quick change replacement of seal insertion unit
●Easy setting of strip length, seal insertion position, etc from touch panel
●Upper / lower terminal reel position selectable


Hydraulic Press with certified type approval (K Series)


Equipped with two solenoids for raising and lowering.
Type approval no. No. TK517
●Equipped with double solenoids for raising and lowering. The specifications ensure that even if a malfunction occurs while one of the solenoids is ON,the press will not operate if the other is OFF.
●A relay unit is added for two-handed operation, and if the left and right hand switches are not pressed within 0.5 seconds, there is no output signal from the relay unit and the press will not operate.
●Applicable models: HYP305HK, HYP505HK, HYP505DK, HYP1000K, HYP1500K

Both Side Clamping System Vise


The MF series, the repeated positioning is within 0.005 in system.
●Strongest in series, 10kN clamping power.
●Built for inclined CNC round table mounting.
●All parts made of special hardened stainless steel, excelling in corrosion and wear resistance.
●JAM original structure makes the center position of bed surface flat and stable when fastened.
●Replaceable cap plate comes in numerous variations.