2. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Recognizing the protection of personal information is its social responsibility, Japan Automatic Machine Co., Ltd. (“JAM” here in after) complies with related laws and regulations and promote the implementation of the following procedures.

Basic Policy

1.Acquisition and use of personal information

JAM obtains personal information under lawful and fair means, and use within the limit which purpose of use was shown on the acquisition.

2.Law and the other normal observance regarding personal information protection

JAM strictly observe all applicable Japanese laws regarding the handling of personal data.

3.Non-Disclosure to third parties

JAM do not disclose or provide personal data to the third parties without prior permission of principal, except legal imperatives.

4.Secure Management of Personal Data

JAM makes effort to protect personal information, through secure corporate information management system for the protection from illegal access, disclosure, loss or damage as well as maintaining accuracy of such information and updated.

5.Respect for the right of Personal Information

When asked for confirmation or correction of JAM controlled personal data, JAM responds to such request to the reasonable extent upon individual identification.

6.Formulate and continual improvement of personal data protection rule

JAM formulate and effect personal data protection rule and through employee education, and continue to review and make effort to the improvement.

Masafumi Mizuno, President