2. Handling Personal Information

Handling Personal Information

Handling Personal Information

Japan Automatic Machine Co., Ltd. (“JAM” here in after) recognizes the importance of personal information that can be used to identify a specific individual such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, etc. JAM believes that it is corporate social responsibility to use the personal information safely.
In order to protect the personal information properly, we manage the personal information of the individuals who uses JAM Website (“website” here in after) as follows.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

At JAM, obtain of personal information being carried out by the legal and fair means, within the proper scope of the business.

2. Use of Personal Information

JAM obtains the personal information of customers for the following purposes and uses to the necessary extent. In case it needs to be used in other than the purposes written below, we use the personal information only after customer’s consent is gained.

1- To provide you with better products and services related.
2- For your personal identification and examination.
3- To contact you according to your requirements in case of any inquiries done at website.
4- Information about the products, etc., to provide from JAM
5- For your guidance to exhibitions, events, etc., and rewards from JAM
6- To analyze personal information to create statistical data which individuals can not be identified.
7- In order to provide information that is believed to be beneficial for you.

3.The Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

JAM does not provide the personal information to a third party except in the case of the following.

1- If there is a consent of the customer itself.
2- If based on the laws and regulations.
3- When it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer itself in cases of protecting human life, health or property.
4- When it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer itself in cases of public health improvement, promotion of healthy development of children.
5- When obtaining the consent of the customer itself is likely to hinder the performance of the office in cases of there is a need to cooperate with an agency or local government or the commission of the country to carry out the provisions of the laws and regulations.

4. Consignment of Business

JAM may entrust the processing of personal information within the scope of the purposes of use. In this case, through the conclusion of a contract related to the use of personal information between these subcontractors, make the necessary and appropriate supervision.

5. Safety Management of Personal Information

JAM will take necessary and appropriate safety management measures in order to prevent leakage, unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, alteration etc. of the personal information JAM acquired.

6.Disclosure, Correction, Addition, Suspension of Use, Deletion of Personal Information

For personal information held by JAM, disclosure, correction addition, suspension of use or deletion of personal information that customer claims we make a necessary investigation without delay only if the claim has been confirmed to be due to use in person. Properly it will respond a reasonable period of time and scope. In addition, regarding in the corresponding result of the disclosure of the above, we will contact the customer as soon as possible.

7.Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations and Other Norms

In JAM, laws and regulations regarding the use of personal information, guidelines of the relevant ministries and agencies will comply with other regulations.

8. Revision and Announcement of the Privacy Policy

JAM will strive to improve by reviewing and updating the laws and regulations related to personal information, the revision of other rules, other changes for a better protection of personal information in this privacy policy to an appropriate extent. As a result, it may be subject to change without notice the contents of this privacy policy. If there is a significant change with respect to the present privacy policy, it will be notice on this site. Regarding the changes etc., of this privacy policy, please check on your own. Please note that we will not take any responsibilities of any troubles regarding unconfirmed information on this privacy policy.
Furthermore, in the case the customer continues to use our services where after the privacy policy changes, it is assumed that you’ve agreed to the change.

9. Contact Us

Regarding any inquiries about the personal information held by JAM or the content mentioned above, please contact the inquiry window below.

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