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Automotive Connectors

NKW Connector

    • Further miniaturized design of high performance connector for Automobile industry.
    • Demonstrates high performance of Vibration resistance, Impact resistance and High temperature resistance, required for in-vehicle devices.
    • The solder peg assembled in wafer connector greatly enhances the peel strength of the printed circuit board.
    • Side retainer concept prevents incomplete insertion of contacts into the housing and significantly enhances the wire tensile strength.
    • Ensuring light operability with soft inner lock concept.
    Pitch (mm) 2.0
    Mounting Style SMT
    Poles Dual:8~20P (even poles)
    Wire Size 0.22~0.3㎟

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    Poles 8~20P (even poles)
    Pitch (mm) 2.0mm
    Rated voltage AC.DC 50V
    Rated current 3A
    Withstand voltage AC1000V/1min
    Insulation resistance 100MΩ over
    Temperature range -40~+125℃
    Wire size 0.22~0.3㎟


    Terminal No. Wire Size Dia of Insulation Applicator
    for Crimping Machine for Strip Crimper SCM150S
    720402-5MAC 0.22 ~ 0.3 1.11 ~ 1.4mm EXX048300
    720402-2MAC 0.22 ~ 0.3 1.11 ~ 1.4mm EXX048300

    Refer to the catalog or specification sheet for the terminal’s detail.