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Crimping Machines


With the current progressing globalization, wire harnesses for digital home appliances and automotive are required due to their ability to connect electrical signals and transmit energy.

To produce these wire harnesses with terminals and connectors, Fully Automatic Crimping Machines that can process them at high speed and high accuracy are essential.

Providing high-performance fully automatic crimping machines

In the latter half of the 1970's only manual semi-automatic crimping machines were available in Japan. Continuous efforts in R&D led us to successful development of the first domestic fully automatic crimping machine. Since then, we continue to promote state-of-the-art technology development and offer more advanced fully automatic crimping machines.

Various machine range

J.A.M.’s comprehensive range of products is a response to the various needs of the rapidly evolving digital consumer electronics industry. The reduction of product weight in the automotive industry requires smaller wire sizes and accurate machines for processing.

Comprehensive technology for consistent development and production

From semi-automatic crimping machines to ultra-high precision fully automatic crimping & housing insertion machines; from the development to the production, our consistent technology is highly valued.

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