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Precision Presses


Precision Presses


Along with the advances of digital home appliances and transportation equipment, higher precision is required in parts and products, and improved processing technology is crucial.

J.A.M. Precision Press machines gained respect within the industry for their key features of being high speed, multifunctional, low noise, energy saving while providing high precision and key safety measures.

Environmentally friendly

New technology in the J.A.M. servo press machines provide advanced performance and safety features allowing for minimal electric power consumption while machine is idle.

Variety of machine selection

Our various press options allow you to choose between a hydraulic, servo, or servo press unit to best fit your needs. We offer a wide range of presses between 4.9kN to 490kN.

Variety of options

Many options available to fit your project: Area sensor, pressure control device, air-blow device, oil cooler, and others.


We work with our customers in offering customized partial to completely designed press machines.

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