Article 1 (General Rules)
The terms of use for the website will be applied when the registered user stipulated in Article 2 uses the service (hereinafter referred to as "Service") provided on the website operated by Japan Automatic Machine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company").

Article 2 (Registered User)
1.The registered user is a person whose registration has been completed in accordance with the prescribed procedure in Service.
2.The registration for a user will be completed when Company approves his/her application for registration.   Company may not approve the registration if the applicant falls under any of the reasons set forth below:
(1)The applicant does not exist.
(2)The applicant has his/her qualification of the registered user suspended or nullified in the past due to any of the reasons for suspension or disqualification in Article 7.

Article 3 (Management of Login ID and Password)
The login ID will be the e-mail address entered at the time of the user registration.  The registered user will be responsible for managing and using the login ID and registered password.  Company will not be liable for any misuse by the user, unauthorized use by a third party, etc.

Article 4 (Prohibition of Transfer of Privilege)
The registered user may neither allow a third party other than him/her to use Service under his/her ID and password, nor transfer the privilege to use it to a third party other than him/her.

Article 5 (Change in User Information)
1.If there is a change in the registered information, the registered user must update it according to the prescribed procedure without delay.
2.Even if a notification from Company does not reach the registered user because he/she fails to change the registered information described in the preceding paragraph, Company will not take any responsibility.

Article 6 (Termination of Registration)
The registered user can terminate his/her registration at any time through the prescribed procedure.

Article 7 (Suspension or Disqualification of Registered User)
In any of the following events, Company may suspend or disqualify the registered user without prior notice:
(1)The registered user does not exist.
(2)The registered user has entered the false information.
(3)The registered information is different from the facts.
(4)Company considers the user registration inappropriate.

Article 8 (Restriction on Service)
Company may restrict the use of Service by the registered user without prior notice.

Article 9 (Handling of Registered Information)
1.The registered user will be deemed to have agreed that Company record and store in its database the information on the user registration including subsequent changes, and the information associated with his/her use of Service. 
2.Company will use the information in the preceding paragraph on the basis of "Privacy Policy."
Article 10 (Prohibitions)
1.The registered user may not do the following when using Service:
(1)Disclosing his/her ID (e-mail address) and/or password
(2)Infringing on the property and privacy of others
(3)Sending or writing harmful computer programs, etc.
(4)Violating the rules of the domestic and overseas networks through which he/she communicates
(5)Doing, or preparing to do, business activities with Service or information/materials obtained through Service, or doing or preparing to do so for commercial purposes
(6)Reproducing, modifying, selling, distributing, transferring, and/or lending the data posted on the website of Company
(7)Interfering with the operation of Service
(8)Violating, or being suspected to violate, the laws and regulations
(9)Other acts that Company considers inappropriate
2.When the registered user violates the prohibitions in the preceding paragraph, Company will be able to suspend or disqualify the registered user without prior notice. 

Article 11 (Change in Service Content)
1.Company may change the content and name of Service without prior notice. 
2.If Company does as in the preceding paragraph, the subsequent change(s) in the terms will take effect at the time when Service is displayed online, unless otherwise specified by Company.

Article 12 (Temporary Suspension of Service)
1.Company may temporarily suspend Service without prior notice for any of the following reasons: 
(1)Regular or urgent maintenance of the equipment for Service
(2)Service disruption due to fire, power outage, etc.
(3)Service disruption due to natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, etc.
(4)When Company has determined that it is necessary to temporary suspend Service due to other operational or technical problems.
2.Even if the provision of Service is delayed or suspended due to any of the reasons in the preceding paragraph or for other reasons, Company will not be liable for any damage to the registered user and/or a third party that may have arisen out of such a Service disruption.

Article 13 (Termination of Service)
1.Company will be able to terminate Service and cancel the terms after making an announcement online.
2.Company will not be liable for any damage to the registered user and/or a third party that may have arisen out of the termination of Service based on the preceding paragraph.

Article 14 (intellectual Property)
1.The copyright of all data, information, texts, images, software and other works included in Service belongs to Company.  The registered user will be able to use the materials obtained through Service only for private or internal use permitted by the copyright law, and not to copy, publicly transmit, publish and/or distribute them beyond the scope of private or internal use, unless permitted by Company.
2.All trade, service, logo and other marks included in Service are trademarks or registered trademarks of Company.  The registered user may not use them without consent by Company except for private or internal use.
3.The registered user may not allow a third party to commit any act in violation of the preceding paragraphs.
4.The registered user may store and possess the downloaded data on his/her own terminal or storage medium.  The right is not transferred to the registered user and belongs to Company.

Article 15 (Disclaimer)
1.Company shall not be liable for any damage to the registered user, when they may have arisen out of his/her use of Service, or even if the information registered or acquired through Service is lost.
2.Product specifications on the website of Company are subject to change without an individual notice to the registered user, and thus, do not always match those for the actual product.
3.If a dispute over the use of Service arises between the registered user and a third party, he/she will resolve it at his/her own risk and expense, and exempt Company from liability.

Article 16 (Damages)
1.If the registered user causes damage to a third party by using Service, he/she will resolve it at his/her own risk and expense, and may not hold Company liable for it.
2.When the registered user causes damage to Company in violation of the terms or by an unlawful or illegal act, Company may claim appropriate damages from him/her.

Article 17 (Use of Registered Information and Confidentiality)
1.The information entered in Service by the registered user may be used in notifications of new products and/or events in a form that does not identify him/her.
2.Company will not disclose or divulge to a third party the personal information of the registered user it has obtained when providing Service.  In any of the following events, however, the registered user will agree that Company may provide or deposit the personal information to its affiliated companies, distributors, contractors and/or other third parties:
(1)Company provides the registered users with products, Service, or various information associated with them.
(2)Company discloses the information to the extent or on the condition that an individual cannot be identified.
(3)A public institution has requested Company to disclose the information under the laws and regulations
(4)Company aggregates and analyzes the usage data on Service by the registered user(s) to do business operations for the development of new services, etc.
(5)It is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the registered user, Company or the information provider to Company.

Article 18 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
1.The terms will be interpreted under the laws of Japan.
2.When any dispute arises in relation to Service, the court having the jurisdiction over the location of the Company headquarters will have the agreed exclusive jurisdiction over it.
Supplementary Provision:
The terms will come into effect on February 1, 2021.